In-house Laboratory Services

At the Cheltenham Veterinary Centre we are equipped with an on-site laboratory which includes:

  • Complete blood cell count – Assesses the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelet as well as their precursors and specific parameters.
  • Blood Chemistry – Facilitates the evaluation of organ function or disease. These parameters provide us with information to make clinical diagnoses or to exclude certain diseases.
  • Automated Urinalysis – Urine really is a vital component of your pet’s health. Using a machine that emits light energy and measures the photometric reflection, we are able to standardize our urine results. This virtually removes human error from the equation and maximizes accuracy.
  • Fecal examination – Our job isn’t all cute and cuddly puppies and kittens. Contrary to popular belief, most animals infected with gastrointestinal parasites do not shed visible worms in high numbers. Fecal examination involves breaking down the sample, suspending it in our fecal solution, spinning the sample before allowing the eggs of the various worms to float to the surface where they can be evaluated under the microscope. Centrifugation, without question, improves the sensitivity of the test making it less likely for these creepy crawlers to go undetected.