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These are the services we offer!

Farm Service

We are proud to provide 24 Hour 7 Day a week farm service… Call 905-838-1880

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Equine Health

We are proud to offer basic equine services

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Wellness Examinations

The examination is, by far, the most important aspect of any veterinary visit. This is our opportunity to evaluate your…

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During the course of your pet’s physical examination we often ask questions about his/her lifestyle to determine what risk factors…

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Emergency Services

Perhaps owing to our farm service origin, we still believe the day isn’t over until the work is done. We have always and will continue to accommodate…

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In-house Laboratory Services

At the Cheltenham Veterinary Centre we are equipped with an on-site laboratory which includes Blood Chemistry, Automated Urinalysis, …

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Surgery & Anesthesia

We perform a variety of soft tissue as well as orthopedic procedures. Advanced surgical procedures can be provided in-house…

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most rapidly growing areas in both human physiotherapy as well as veterinary medicine.

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Ultrasound and X-rays permit a more complete assessment of the inside of your pet. Where X-rays provide us with information about…

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Radiographs (X-Rays) allow us to visualize the inside of your pet. This assists us in determining if there are any abnormalities or…

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Dentistry is often one of the most overlooked facets of veterinary medicine but is of paramount importance.

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Preventative Medicine

We are committed to providing you with the necessary information to allow you to make informed health decisions for your pet.

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Nutritional Counseling

With hundreds or thousands of pet foods on the market today picking the right food for your pet has never been more difficult.

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Export Services

Our team is happy to assist you with your pet’s travel needs. Different geographic areas have different diseases. We’ll help ensure that pet…

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Not all procedures can be performed in a private practice-type setting. Fortunately, we are located in close proximity to a multitude…

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Our Vets

Listed below are our vets


See what our clients say about us!

The best veterinary clinic around! They truly care about your pets.  I cannot say enough words to describe how great they are.  Thank you to all the staff.

Dana H

We just switched from another vet to Cheltenham Veterinary Centre as we were not pleased with the care our puppy was receiving. We couldn’t have made a better decision for our pup!

Jackie C

I’ve been to my share of veterinary clinics trying to find a doctor who is actually knowledgeable with small and exotic pets. Dr Kirkham blew my mind!

Robyn K

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News for you & your pets

Registered Veterinary Technicians

What is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)  ? This year across Canada, October is registered veterinary technician month.  A bit of a mouthful but it gives us the excuse to acknowledge these important people and their contributions to our profession as well as the health and welfare of the animals in our lives. A registered […]

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Bri (2)

Investigating Poor Performance (Part 1)

                                           Investigating Poor Performance by Dr. Bri Henderson Investigation of poor performance in horses comprises a large part of my caseload. This rather nebulous concern can have many root problems involving virtually any of the […]

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ticks they're back

TICKS !!!!!!

 Ticks and Lyme Disease        by David Kirkham  There has been a major change in the parasite scene in southern Ontario over the past five years.   Historically, when it comes to our pets, our biggest concerns have revolved around the prevention and treatment of fleas and heartworm disease. These parasitic diseases are, […]

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